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We provide our own barbecue grill and experienced chefs. The host only needs to set up tables and chairs and provide plates and utensils (we provide table/chair rental services and set up meet your needs per request. Including free tablecloths/utensils/napkins),

Each guest can choose their customized meal, starting with a salad, accompanied by hibachi vegetables, fried rice, and a choice of two proteins. We can meet your requirements for fresh ingredients, unique flavors, multiple options including hibachi steak and sushi, friendly service, a joyful atmosphere, outstanding performance, the lowest prices, the appearance of a high chef, or any other requests you may have.

Let us create a special experience for your event, and we hope to see you soon.

What We

Pricing 1

$60 per Adult (Pick 2 proteins)

$30 per Child under 13 (Pick 1 protein)

$600.00 Minimum for all parties
*$100 deposit is required.

Pricing 2

$100 per Adult  (4 proteins)

(Kobe Steak, Lobster, Tuna Steak, Scallops )


$600.00 Minimum for all parties
*$100 deposit is required.

Exclusive  Offers

Select Cowboy Ribeye Steak: 2 portions (Value $200)

Fresh Lobster Tails: 6 pieces (Value $90)

Exquisite Sushi Rolls: 2 boxes (Value $60)

Delicious Cake: 1 box (Value $30)

Pick Two For Your Proteins

(Chicken, Steak, shrimp, scallops, Salmon)


Switch to

Filet Mignon +$5

Ribeye +$5
Lobster Tail +$10

All Orders Includes House salad, Fried Rice and Hibachi Vegetables

Side Order

Chow Mein (+$3), Chicken(+$10), Steak(+$10), Shrimp(+$10), Scallops(+$10), Salmon(+$10), Filet Mignon(+$15), Ribeye (+$15),Lobster Tail (+$15)


Two 8′ rectangular tables arranged in L shape and chairs for sit about 10 people
Three 6′ rectangular arranged in U shape and chairs for sit 12-15 people

We do offer table setup up service (includes: tables, chairs, plates, silverwares, napkins and cups)$15 per person

Please let us know your food allergens

Payment: Cash ,Zelle or Venmo after service( No Check)

Hosted my sons 11 birthday party and it was hands down the best party! So much fun, delicious food and non stop entertainment. Oscar was our chef and he was amazing. He was hilarious and kept the party going. Highly recommend using them for your next event. Family friendly! I would give them 10 stars if I could. Best experience!!!
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